About Us

Who We are

Solace is a place, a honing ground to replenish your resources. At Solace, our philosophy is to accept that we are all resourceful beings, and with compassion, we can attune our lives to becoming a better version of ourselves. We commit to provide the best mental health services without compromising on your religious values. We believe that mental health issues are not a stigma and your challenges are not your identity. 


And finally, we assure you that Allah has not created any malady for which there is no remedy! 

Our Mission

To empower the Ummah by providing holistic mental health care service that will facilitate the emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual growth of individuals.

Our Vision

Provide high- quality holistic counseling services for every individual.

Meet Our Counselors

Francesca Bocca-Aldaqre

Head of Psychology & Counselor

Bela Khan

Head of Learning and Development & Counselor

Asma Khan


Amna Ahmad


Our Endorsement and Partner