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Solace is a safe space, a honing ground to replenish your resources. At Solace, our philosophy is to accept that we are all resourceful beings, and with compassion, we can attune our lives to becoming a better version of ourselves. 

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Our Mission

To empower the Ummah by providing holistic mental health care service that will facilitate the emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual growth of individuals.

Our Vision

Provide high- quality holistic counseling services for every individual.

Our Services

Online Counseling Service

Islamic Counseling
General Counseling
Mental Health Counseling
Family & Marital Counseling

How does this work?


Step 1

Fill in the intake form on the website and provide your information and preferences.


Step 2

Make the payment for your first intake session as per your country of residence using a payment card.

The Sliding scale fee ranges from USD $30- $70 per session, taking into account the living standards of your country of residence. 


Step 3

We will connect you with your counselor and provide you with a booking link for your first session.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Francesca Bocca-Aldaqre

Head of Psychology & Counselor

Bela Khan

Head of Learning and Development & Counselor

Asma Khan


We have a dedicated and trusted group of counselors from all around the world ready to help you with your mental health needs.